Laser Engraving

Laser engraving:  Here we will show you some examples of laser engraved items. We will give you some ideas of the type of products that we can laser engrave for you and the materials we can work with. It is impossible to list every product and combination of product on the site. So we do our best to have the most standard items in our online store. With that said we have the ability to do so much with different types of material, different designs, different layouts etc. So if you have something in mind you would like just drop us an email and we will see what we can do for you. Even if you want a store item laid out a little differently or want a different font we are happy to help. To view some of our sample lasered engraved items please CLICK HERE.

Custom Engraved Images: We can engrave your photos on many different items. For more information about having your photo laser engraved on a item please CLICK HERE.

Listed below are just a few of the products that can be laser engraved. All of these items would make great horse show awards, equestrian gifts or recognition items.

  • Wine Glasses
  • Beer Mugs
  • Glass Dinner / Trophy Plates
  • Signs
  • Horse Show Award Plaques
  • Keepsake Boxes
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Ornaments
  • Stall Plates
  • Mirrors
  • Coasters
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Travel Mugs
  • Luggage Tags
  • Leather Bookmarks
  • Wine Boxes
  • BBQ Box Set
  • Poker Case
  • Trivets
  • Flashlights
  • Bathroom Tile
  • Kitchen Tile
  • License Plate Holders
  • Picture Frames
  • Pet Urns
  • Pocket Knives

Here are just some of the materials we can laser engrave on:

Wood: Lighter colored wood such as Alder and Maple laser engrave beautifully. There is a dark contrast between the engraved (dark) part of the wood and the wood part (light) that has not been engraved. With that said if you are going for a more subtle look Walnut looks beautiful laser engraved. We can also do stained wood. For example a rosewood stained Maple. With that you would have a dark finish and where it has been laser engraved the light Maple color will show through. We have a source right here in the USA that will make pretty much anything you need. Jewelry boxes, signs, plaques, urns......they offer a large variety of high quality wood that is perfect for laser engraving. They also have a large selection of stains that can be put on any of their woods to give you more contrast with your item. So if you have a wood type or product in mind that you do not see listed on the site let us know as there is a very good chance we can get whatever you may need. We can also cut some wood items depending on the thickness. If you would like for example a wood sign in the shape of a horse head we could cut the wood in the shape and then laser engrave the wood with your information.

Leather: Leather is a great item to be laser engraved. We can laser engrave leather key chains, bracelets, luggage tags, mouse pads, leads, bags, notebooks, daily planners and so much more. We can laser engrave any color of leather, but we highly recommend you go with a lighter color leather. The dark browns and blacks can be lasered but the engraved part does not stand out as much as on lighter colored leather. So unless you are looking for a subtle look we recommend going with a light leather. For some products we do get items that are specific for laser engraving. Such as bracelets. In this case they only die the top part of the leather so you get more contrast. There are not a lot of leather items out there made specifically for lasering so they are hard to find. In the future I am sure there will be more. Contact us if you are looking for a specific item that you do not see on the site.

Plastic: We have a large selection of plastic available on the site. We tried to get all of the most popular colors, but it is hard to have them all so if there is a specific color combo you are looking for and you do not see it on the site let us know. We will be happy to look and see if we can get the colors you are looking for. We can laser cut and engrave plastic. So if you want a sign made out of plastic say in the shape of a horse head. As long we we have the shape for the horse head or you can supply it we can cut out the shape from a sheet of plastic and then engraved your information right on the horse head. We stock indoor / outdoor rated plastic. Signs are just one of the many things we can do in plastic. The possibilities are endless.

Anodized Aluminum: Anodized aluminum is a great material for laser engraving. Basically it is painted aluminum. When the anodized aluminum is laser engraved the engraved area comes out a brilliant white color which really stands out on the colored background. We have picture frames with a large aluminum plate that we can laser engrave your pictures on. See custom engraved images above for more information. We also have luggage tags, key chains, dog tag necklaces, dog collar name tags and much more. Brass: Brass can't be directly laser engraved. Brass either needs to have a color painted on the surface which when engraved the paint is removed so the brass shows through. Or treated with a solution which the laser adheres to the surface of the brass where engraved. For standard brass engraving we use or rotary engraver.

Acrylic: Acrylic is a great material for horse show awards, ornaments, signs and more. Acrylic looks like glass but is much more durable. How many times have you had a neat Christmas ornament made out of glass only to have it break when putting it away for the year. With Acrylic that won't happen. You will be able to use the ornament throughout the years. Acrylic horse show awards can have a very dramatic look to them. You can go with just a straight acrylic plaque, a plaque with a base or a plaque with an acrylic front and a wood back to create a lot of contrast to your horse show award. You can also put a picture on your acrylic item. See custom engraved images above for more information. Which would make an ornament or horse show award that much more personal. Again not to sound like a broken record but the possibilities are endless.

Mirrored Acrylic: Super reflective acrylic mirrors are great for traveling to horse shows. You do not have to worry about a glass mirror shattering during transport. Our acrylic mirrors are shatter proof. We can laser cut and engrave our acrylic mirrors. So if you want a mirror in the shape of a horse head with your horse's name engraved on it. We can do it. We have a large amount of horse and dog shapes to choose from for your mirror shape. We can also cut the mirrors in standard shapes. Square, rectangle, oval whatever you like. We can laser engrave your name, business name, horse's name...what ever you want on the mirror. These mirrors make great locker mirrors as well.

Ceramic, Granite, Marble: Yes we can laser engrave all of these materials. The Granite and Marble laser white for a very dramatic look. We have ceramic tiles that are birch white and vanilla that laser black. Our ceramic coffee mugs are colored  and engrave white. Just some of the uses for the ceramic, granite and marble are trivets, wall decoration. kitchen back splashes, tile floors, wall murals, bathroom tiles and more. Glass: When glass is laser engraved you get a frosted white. It looks very elegant yet doesn't over power the item. We can also treat the glass so that when it is laser engraved the engraved part turns the color that the glass was treated with. This makes your engraving stand out even more. We do not carry a lot of glass items but at your request we will be happy to look for the glass item you would like engraved.

Metals: Metal items can't be laser engraved per say. What is done is the metal is treated with a solution and then laser engraved. Where the laser engraves, the solutions is adhered to the surface of the item. After the engraving is completed the left over solution is washed off. Most common is black but other colors are available. For example if we laser engraved our running horse design on a stainless steel coffee mug using a black solution the running horse would be black and the rest of the mug would be stainless. Stainless, Sterling Silver, Brass, Nickel Silver, Pewter are just a few of the metals that this process works with. There is also laser brass and laser silver material that has the same affect.