Engraving Info

Exacta Designs offers both rotary and laser engraved items. With a vast variety of items already in Stock, we still add new items all of the time. Find gifts, awards, promotional items, recognition products and more.

Laser engraving: We can laser engrave & cut wood, acrylic, mirrored acrylic & plastic. We can laser engrave granite, ceramic, marble, tile, glass, anodized aluminum & much more. We offer laser engraved signs, plaques, nameplates, jewelry, picture frames, keepsake boxes, office and desk supplies just to mention some of the products we offer.Stock images are available for laser engraving but we can also engraved your own photos on many of our products. Which makes for a very unique gift or award. For more information about our laser engraving services  CLICK HERE.

Rotary Engraving Information: We can rotary engrave brass, nickel silver, sterling silver, pewter and more. We offer engraved brass halter nameplates, Bridle nameplates, stall plates, equestrian jewelry, dog ID tags, key chains, picture frame plates and more

To view the stock fonts and images for our laser and rotary engraved items please see our image library